Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That'll be me. I'll always be a student of Parelli, but my dreams of becoming a paid professional? I think that's over now. Parelli just released the prospectus for the new Apprenticeship program, including pricing. My first impression is, unattainable unless I win the lottery. I know—that goes against my belief in the LOA and that with God all things are possible, but... let's be realistic. If one must become a Protégé before they qualify for 4-Star status and higher, and the cost to be a Protégé is $50,000 per year for TWO years, which is $100,000, which is more than a college education...

It's out of reach for me. I know... they say you don't need to see the whole staircase, just the first step, but... that's $100,000 on top of the previous levels, plus the mandatory two weeks at Ocala courses, plus travel, plus clinics up to Level Two...

It's for the most dedicated of students. I'm dedicated, but honestly? I'm not sure I'm dedicated to the level where I'd be willing to sell my house and a few body parts and live off of Ramen until I'm 60 in order to do that.

But to those who are, I admire you, I commend you, and I wish you every bit of luck you will ever need. And I hope you learn well, because you'll likely have me and my horse in a clinic of yours one day.

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