Sunday, September 07, 2008

Not much to this one—I have a lot to say but no energy to type it all just yet. This is a reminder.

Wednesday: Big lesson for me about bossiness (from others), whether to listen to my agenda or that of another's, and how putting the relationship and PNH principles first should ALWAYS be my priority no matter how big the amount of peer pressure, and when I void that, things don't go as well.

Also learned that no matter how well someone rides or if they've dabbled in PNH, they may not understand Horseanalities and the intricacies of communication as well as one who has been studying L&HB seriously like I have, and that when I'm riding him through a challenging new task, the
look on my horse's face that YOU feel the need to warn me means he wants to lay down might really be my horse entering the Land of Catatonia and you're misinterpreting it. So thank you for your opinion.

Finally got around to making my shims and trying them. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Saturday: FANTASTIC! Now that we can canter, we're cantering all over the place and IT IS AWESOME!!! I'm already comfortable enough that I can start a canter from a dead stop, not just work up to it from a trot. It's actually easier to start from a walk or stop. Who knew?

I marked his scapula with the L2 Equine crayon before and after riding. It does move.
Amazing. I also took away one of the three shims because I'd over-leveled and was tilting myself backwards. Ooops.

Can't wait for tomorrow. :-)

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