Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More news! Dismounts and clinics!

First I am embarrassed proud unsure of whether I should admit to it and to report that I performed a very smooth flying dismount the other day. First time in a long time I used the bareback pad rather than just going native. First day after freshly laundering my Boinks. Guided the horse up to the mounting block (because I am still developing the muscleage and trim figure necessary to be able to do it from the ground). All is good.

Swing the leg a few times, up and over... and... whoops! Off. Yep. I'm a gymnast now. I vaulted over my horse. My right leg went up to fork over, I flew over, and then my right foot landed on the other side of the horse. Because I had rein and mane in hand, I landed upright on two feet, none the worse for wear, but OMG. You should have seen the expression on Cheerios' face. "What are you doing?!?" Then when I recovered from my laughing fit, I tried again, and he looked back as if to ask, "Are you sure you made it this time?"


Now for the second piece of big news. R offered us a trailer ride, so Cheerios and I are off to PNH Clinic #2 for 2008 in October!!!

Silly me. In a fit of enthusiasm over the then-pending sale of one of the properties in Mother's estate and the (pending) resulting cash influx, I was truck shopping and planning out a summer filled with clinics. I sent off inquiries about open rider spots to as many clinics as I could.

As it happened, I made it to the one that was most local in May. But I'd forgotten about the one in Michigan in October until I received word that payment was due.

Oh. Oops. Well, I thought in light of the lack of trailer, I should back out. That's when I found out about the cancellation policy and that unless I found a replacement, I'd be out a few bucks and not at a clinic. Whoops. I'm sure I saw that policy at the time of sign-up, I just never thought to pay attention because I was certain I'd have my rig by now.

Then the house thing all fell through, money wasn't as plentiful for awhile as I would have liked, and I couldn't see asking S to trailer us north of Detroit for a two-day clinic involving two overnight stays when she has a baby and a job to consider, nor could I even think of having her come all the way up there, then go back to Ohio, then up two days later to get us.

First, I explained my predicament to the clinic host. There was a ride offered from the host barn's owner, but the cost was prohibitive for my budget. My only hope was to locate one originating from close to home from someone who was either going my way with their horse or willing to audit for two days.

I wound up my courage and asked S anyway, prefacing my request with the words "I know it's a lot to ask and it might not be possible, but..." I said think about it and let me know.

Then I sent out a very big intention that I would indeed be at that clinic with my horse and that I'd have an affordable ride originating near my barn. I checked in with the clinic host with my update. I asked for a URL for the host farm if there were photos so I'd have a visualization tool handy. I got the photos, did a little visualization, and...

The very next day, R strolled up and said "I hear you need a horsey ride".

She's planning to take her horse along, find a public cross-country course somewhere in the area, and spend the weekend jumping. We'll share lodging, but she'll do her thing and I'll do mine. It happens to be fall break for her from college, and works out perfectly.

The clinic is a solid Level Two with Jesse Peters, same instructor as the last clinic. I am SO excited. Of course, now that I've conquered the canter, I'm not sure what to work on in the private lesson. LOL! Maybe galloping? Jumping? Cantering bareback? I'm sure Cheerios will come up with some challenge for us to solve.

I'm just SO EXCITED!

Now, to attract a winning MegaMillions jackpot, a rig of my own, and a spot in the four-week courses at Ocala next spring!

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