Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm still here! How do you like the new blog look?

So. Here's the update:
  • My beloved farrier Kelly went on hiatus due to impending birth. (Her daughter was born June 13th—congrats!)
  • I found a new farrier, AANHCP-friendly but not certified, who lives a mere 25 minutes from the barn
  • She also has an IR horse
  • Shaveya has gone to live with her and her IR horse on a small, private farm to be in a very controlled, IR-friendly environment where everything that might affect an IR horse is carefully monitored
  • Shaveya has been witnessed cantering in for food (so it's working!)
  • Cheerios and I rode in Carol Coppinger's L2/L3 course in nearby Port Clinton a month ago. It was fantastic.
  • We're working on learning the spin, perfecting our short range circling, and gearing up to finally tape that darned L2 FreeStyle Audition
  • I've been working intermittently for a phone survey company while seeking alternative sources of income
  • I changed the look of the blog
That's about all for now. This time, I wrote detailed clinic notes while it was still fresh. I'll post next time. Adios!

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Parelli Central said...

Good luck with your journey. I decided to throw all caution in the wind, gave up a steady income producing job and went on an adventure to follow my dream of becoming a Parelli Instructor. I am currently a 1Star Parelli Junior Instructor and working student in Pagosa Springs and I LOVE every minute of it! So, follow your dream and be the best you can be, with happiness in our heart!

Petra Christensen
1Star Parelli Junior Instructor