Monday, October 13, 2008

Home from the PNH Clinic
The clinic with PNH 2-Star Endorsed Instructor Jesse Peters last weekend in Columbus, MI, was AMAZING. I had some enormous insights about the holes in myself that needed improvement and I thank my horse for pointing them out so loudly, LOL! My horse had a megaphone with him, and on Day One I returned to the hotel feeling utterly incompetent because of it. (That was what my brain was telling me, despite the positive feedback I got from Jesse.)

Day Two was far better after a night of rumination and relaxation. Having time to dwell on the insights prepared me, and the simulations we did prior to playing with our horses helped immensely.

I'll write up the details later. At present, it's 4 AM. I'm only awake because I slept late, then had another migraine (second in two days, had one Friday after Clinic Day One) which resulted in a nap, then... well, that'll do it. More later...

Hey, I said I'd post the details later...


coc_parelli said...

Get to bed girl!! :)

Sounds like a fun weekend at the clinic! :) How cool! I'm sure your horse didn't mean to use a microphone to point you out! lol

Can't wait to hear more!

Olivia, Cocoa, and Dixie

Pat said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog, hoofrecovery.blogspotcom and commenting on the post about thin soles post.

Your story brought tears! You really deserve a huge award for going with your gut and saving your horse. So many people don't and they ultimatley don't save their horse's live.

When a farrier or vet says, corrective shoes for the rest of the horse's life - to which they should add, "which won't be much longer." Correctives shoes will almost always shorten the usuable, if not actual, life of the horse AND most know that is true. Correctives cost a lot of money for the horse owner and if the horse does improve, they improve inspite of the shoes, not because of them.

The slight lameness you are seeing now could be a mild bout of lamintis or an abscess, which will sometimes cause a temporary bout of acute laminitis.

Thanks again. YOU ARE AWESOME!