Friday, September 19, 2008

Walk. Canter. Walk.

Trot. Canter. Trot. Halt. Backup. Walk. Trot.

Indirect rein, direct rein. Sideways. Follow the Rail. Bowtie. Walk. Canter, left lead. Trot. Canter, right lead. Trot. Canter...

And so it goes. I hope I change it up enough that my LBI stays interested. Because we spent so much time on the ground for the past few years, my riding had suffered. Well, not anymore. That's all we've been doing, it seems. Oh, we're doing a bit online—transitions (surprise) on the 22', Sideways with a fence.

We haven't abandoned the Patterns (FTR and Bowtie are patterns), we're just focusing on Finesse and FreeStyle for a change.

I shimmed his saddle starting about a month ago. First it took three half-inch shims. Then it took two. Today, two made the saddle too high in front. I removed one. Level. He must be changing. I am really looking forward to the day I can order the Natural Performer saddle because there will be even more change.

I have no highlights—we're just plugging away, progressing day by day, and OH is it fun to be able to canter freely now. We've played and rode about four times this week. The weather is stellar, and life is good. :-)

Oh, and there are two new yearlings at the barn, and one of them has absolutely glommed onto me. *sigh* Someday...

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