Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yep. Absent.

Well, the horses are fine, preparing to shed their winter coats. The BM shared a few tales with me about my horses—luckily she is of the tolerant "that's just horses" mentality or I might be on the way out! LOL!

It appears that Cheerios has earned a new nickname. Houdini. He is an escape artist. He has ducked under the electric tape fence on several occasions to go where he wanted to go. He has also been inviting his pasture buddies to join him on these excursions. Sometimes they do; sometimes he's on his own. Thankfully it is a very quiet country road—but still. Eesh.

BM says he's probably the smartest horse she's ever seen. She also said it's a good thing his personality is pleasant or he'd be a nightmare. That's my boy. Adorable (and knows it), too smart for his own good, and thankfully friendly and willing. Athletic, too. Come to think of it, that's the recipe for the perfect partner, isn't it?

Shaveya has improved all around, but the trade-off is that she is chewing. She's chewing wood. Trees. Chewing the bark right off the trees. We aren't sure if it's displaced behavior, anxiety, the fact that I've had to discontinue the most expensive herbs due to a temporary cash flow situation, or something else. Might be her teeth. We are all overdue for the dentist. My guess is, it's the herbs. Yikes. Well, soon. (Her new nickname is Chewbacca.)

The best news is, I've been given the go-ahead to start playing with and riding her this year! Start off 5-10 minutes at a time at a walk, see how she is the next day. Play it by ear. This is great. This means I can start her in L1 for real.

Of course, I haven't been keeping up with PNH much. I'm still a Savvy Club member, still getting the mailings, but... I'm behind. However, life has been rather frenetic since Mom and Dad got sick and passed on. The estate stuff is nearly wrapped up, so I'll be free (in more ways than one) very soon and able to call my own shots.

My ideal vision for my life is as follows: I'm earning my living quite successfully as a musician, composing, recording, playing out. On days "off", I work on my music; on days "on", I'm probably on a project or playing out. Plenty of time to get outside and play with/ride my horses, plenty of clinics, and plenty of time to meditate and study the LOA. That's it. That, and a few million bucks, and I'm happy.

The weather is warmer, it'll be in the 50s Tuesday, and they have a trim appt so I anticipate the first play session of 2008. Looking forward to it.

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