Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm sorry to say this, but so far, I'm not impressed with Parelli's new release, the Success Series. It's 10 DVDs sold as a set but also available individually. Thank God I"m in the Savvy Club and got a huge discount because if I'd purchased these separately at regular price (or as the set) I'd be complaining.

But that's because I have the original VHS version of the Seven Games, and when compared to the Seven Games DVD included here, the new version is lame (so far). I've watched Horsenality all the way through—interesting, but there is far more information in the Liberty & Horse Behavior set released last year.

Part of me suspects Success is a well-crafted teaser advert designed to promote sales of the two Levels packages and L&HB. If so, that's sad.

This is the first product of theirs that I've been disappointed with. Perhaps I'll change my opinion after viewing the remaining eight DVDs. It doesn't make me want to quit PNH, mind you. I still believe PNH is THE BEST horsemanship program in the universe. This release just left me wanting a lot more.

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