Friday, June 15, 2007

As the Saddle Burns

Barn Drama
The situation at the barn is pretty bad. I'm not sure I trust the current management after the discussion I was dragged into today concerning my lame horse. Apparently this guy actually supports the woman that verbally assaulted me last month, and said at least she had the balls to confront me. Anyone who supports someone who treats another human being the way this bitch did is NOT someone I wish to entrust with the care of my horses.

I need a new barn and I need one fast. It has to:
  • be 10 miles from my home or less
  • be Parelli all the way
  • be advocates for natural health and hoof care
  • have no more than 12 horses including my two
  • be run by people who support what I choose to do for my horses and oblige my requests
  • cost half as much per horse as my current barn
  • have a round pen and arena that are actually open and available to be USED by the boarders as a round pen and arena to ride in
  • have two open stalls RIGHT NOW.
Heaven help us.

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