Saturday, May 01, 2004

Derby Day

Derby Day
I watched the Kentucky Derby today. Quite a downpour! I was expecting a more interesting race after watching earlier races from each contender at, but it was rather cut-and-dried and therefore boring.

My Trifecta pick was:
1. Imperialism
2. Tapit
3. The Cliff's Edge

with Pollard's Vision fourth. Silly me.

At least Imperialism came in third. I was way off on the others. Smartypants Jones was 11th on my list. I based my pick on intuition (which obviously sucks) and from getting shivers watching how Imperialism consistently in three races broke last, stayed several lengths behind, only to put the pedal down after the last turn and race past the sure thing winners to win by several lengths. I thought he had it in the bag. Should have paid more attention to Smarty Jones record—unbeaten in 6 starts (now 7).

Smarty Jones made it this far—he'd better take the Triple Crown. We need one. It's been too long.

Hope it stops raining so I can get a ride in this weekend.