Saturday, April 26, 2003

From Log, 02.23.03
Spring IS planning to arrive this year, isn't it?

I finally got out to visit my poor neglected horses—twice in a week! First for a since-postponed farrier appointment (they didn't need it yet, we were early) during a 3-degree wind chill (that was fun) then this past week when it was gloriously 40. They appreciated it. Cheerios remembered me right off; Wildflower, my new horse, wasn't sure at first, but I spent a good hour with her the second time in the pen getting reacquainted.

I went on my first ride in months with Nicole. It was 45-degrees and sunny. Nicole rode Makona with the halter/lead rope/bareback/carrot stick combination. I stuck with standard Western tack on Wildflower. It was wonderful! It was a pleasant ride, my first in snow. Mostly we walked, did a tiny bit of jogging. Had a few minor spook incidents and one major one that nearly unseated me (we crossed paths with a lady who was x-country skiing with her wolf-dog and I'm not sure which freaked Wildflower more, the skis or the dog) but for the grace of God and better riding skills. It almost replicated what Cheerios did the year I sprained my back—but this time, I stayed put, went with the horse, and recovered well. That Bruce Logan PNH clinic I went to last fall really changed my riding mindset and that proved it. It's a good thing because it was like coming full circle and I think I'm over my fears now. For the most part, anyway.

Bad Mare Day. (Well, that's what it says in my journal!)

It was gorgeous today. I still can't believe I was riding the trails in short sleeves. SHORT SLEEVES! OK, there were a couple shady spots where I found myself wishing I'd grabbed a jacket, but it wasn't shivery. The park right now is basically mucky woods with ice rinks (trails) running through them. The horses didn't wear their blades; it can make for an eventful ride when they negotiate whether that's solid slidey ice, crack through it ice, slushy ice or not gonna go through it gonna jump it watery ice. (We hit all four today.) No major spooks, but Wildflower was grumbling under her breath the entire time. We went out with Erin on Dublin and Kathleen on Matazer. They are a fun bunch to ride with.

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